Connecting pet owners with pet lovers in your area.

What is PetsForFriends?

PetsForFriends is a global community that connects pet owners with local pet lovers. We find pet owners a matching person in the area to help them keep their furry (and not so furry) pets happy and healthy.

Meanwhile those without pets get the possibility to spend quality time with one despite work/study, limited space/time, rent restrictions and other reasons. We make it easy to arrange walks, playtime, overnight stays and holidays. Our aim is to bring the pet community closer together – one paw at a time.

Pet Owners

We’ll connect you with matching Pet Lovers to keep your pet happy when

  • You need someone to look after your pet when you go away on holiday or a business trip
  • You’d like help with walking/feeding your loved one
  • You need peace of mind that your pet is in good hands and not alone and bored at home
  • You want to avoid expensive boarding or pet sitter fees
  • Your pet would love a new friend
  • You would like to meet new people in your area!

Pet Lovers

We’ll help you find a pet to borrow because you

  • Would love to spend quality time with animals even if you can’t own one yourself
  • Want to stay flexible to have a pet around whenever it fits you best
  • Have children or an elderly living with you who would love the company of a pet
  • Would like to increase your motivation to go outside
  • Want to test the waters before you get your own pet
  • Do something good by helping others with their pets
  • Want to meet people in your area!

Available on all devices

PetsForFriends is available for download on your iPhone, Android and iPad (soon).

Available in 3 languages

PetsForFriends is available in German, English and Japanese

Our Team

Lisa Scheider

The idea hamster

As a flight attendant she is constantly flying around the world. She loves travelling and pets but has yet to combine those two things. This is how she came up with the idea of PetsForFriends and is now responsible for content and marketing.

Rafael Smith

The Performer

He is the technical brain behind PetsForFriends. As a fullstack developer he has a broad spectrum of IT skills and knows his way around web design, photoshop and other related fields. His passions are photography, fast cars and videos of cute animals.

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